A trip to Penon de la Mata

Nature Mar 14, 2015

We had a recent trip to Penon de la Mata in the Sierra de Huetor north of Granada. From here you get spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada. So while a group of friends went off scrambling, I went off with another friend to see how much Spring had sprung and if I could locate my bogey bird the Ring Ouzel.

Crocus nevadensis

The Crocus nevadensis can grow above 2000m. It was once thought to be endemic to the Sierra Nevada, but it also grows in the Sierra de Huetor.

Crocus nevadensis

The 3 highest mountains in the Sierra Nevada. Left to Right Alcazaba, Mulhacen and Veleta

I nearly trod on this caterpillar. If you know what it will turn into please let me know.

If anyone recognises this caterpillar and knows what it will turn into, please let me know

I have been unable to ID these next 2 Crocus photos, so once again, if you know, please let me know.

Another type of crocus but we have hit a deadend on the type

Another type of crocus but we have hit a deadend on the type

There were a number of small herds of Ibex around.

Ibex still wearing her winter woollies

Doing what Ibex do

Rock Bunting

A Golden Eagle came soaring towards us, but just has it was getting real close, a Kestrel came along and saw it off. I understand, but was rather annoyed at the Kestrel ha ha.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle in front of Veleta

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Any help with the correct ID of the butterfly? Update - Identified as a Large Wall Brown (lassiommata maera) Thank you Stephen

Assuming this is a type of Wall Brown

If you are wondering if I saw my bogey bird, nope I didn't. The scrambling group, who were way ahead of us on the way up because I'd already stopped taking photos, saw Ring Ouzels but I missed out, again!


Stephen Powell: I think you have a Large Wall Brown there Kiersten, lassiommata maera

Kiersten Rowland: Brilliant, thank you Stephen, I shall update the blog post



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